Saturday, February 27, 2010

Costume fun!

I'm heading to a costume party tonight with the theme of guru's get giggly,  I don't really know of any specific guru's besides spiritual leaders who's writing I read.  Most of which are men.  This is my interpretation of a indian goddess, good enough right? 

Costume details-
Head dress- I made (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Necklaces-Self made and gift
Belts-Ebay, Moksha in Seattle and scarf from Bumpershoot
70's poly goddess dress-Thrifted years ago
Bracelets-Thrifted all over
Hand Carved wooden Wedges from Phililppines-Festival vendor at Bumpershoot


Tamagosan said...

I've always been jealous of those who are prepared for any costume party, no matter what the theme! Of course your wardrobe resources take the cake. Fabulous silhouette on that ensemble, darling! Love the color, too.

Missa said...

You make a gorgeous Indian Goddess and what a fun party theme!

Eyeliah said...

I would follow this stylish guru.