Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Sunday Ritual

I really have no idea how I'd never heard of the once weekly flea market in San Francisco (The Alemany Flea Market).  I mean really, I feel so out of the loop.  My friend told me about this place about a week ago and we decided to get up early and go check it out.  I thought it was great, it was more like thrift store prices than the Alemeda market which is once a month in Oakland.   I found the latter to be a bit overpriced, but this is also coming from me being a avid thrift and bargain shopper.  The market had a bit of everything, from imports to antiques, clothing and lots of orchids and plants.   There were a few booths of vintage clothing that had some great things.  I found a beautiful kimono that I almost purchased, but considering I already have two, I passed.  I did buy some more vintage wooden hangers, the small ones that are really cute, for a great deal.  I'm starting a collection.   I also found the cutest Art Nuevo brass pin with a depiction of a women who looks like a cross between a pirate and a victorian dame. 

Some pretty vintage slips and lace. 

These paper dolls were just too cute.

The vintage doctor bag that still contained all the implements and a death certificate signed by the original doctor from the 60's.  My friend purchased it, minus the implements for 25$, a great deal.  She managed to keep the death certificate as the man was going to throw it away. 

There were all kinds of powders and tinctures, it was really neat. 

My first purchase!  Isn't she pretty and a bargain at 2$.

I already had about 1/3 of whats pictured and was excited to have found a bunch more today!  I'm looking forward to having all pretty hangers eventually.

I thought this was a interesting mix of weirdness!  


Anonymous said...

Great finds! <3

Tamagosan said...

Uh-ou, Pretty Pirates discovered Alemany... :-) I love it there! Dangerous for me, though! :-) Next time you go, let me know, as it's walkable for me. (Or the Alameda Collectibles Fair, LOVE that place!)

Missa said...

I can't wait for our local flea market to start up again in May!

I always try to pick up the nice old wooden hangers when I find them in the thrift stores too. You have a much larger collection than mine though, I think I have like 5 or 6. The wooden ones that clamp down onto the clothes seem to be easier to find, I've got a bunch of those.

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

I used to live in Bernal Heights so it was a nice walk over the hill to get to the Alemany Flea Market. Once I got three vintage dresses from the 50s for $1 each!!! It was one of my best scores ever and I wish I could go back to that day and search through even more of the bags. haha. Maybe we can have a meet up there sometime. :D
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xoLauraox09 said...

Great post :)
I'm following.

VintageGoa said...

Great sunday ritual...:)