Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yaaaay a blog finally

I am so excited to start this blog.  I  have had the idea for a while and am now, finally, getting the ball rolling. 

 I'm going to be discussing and adding as much as possible, fashion pics of people on the street as well as my friends and I's personal style, clothing I have designed, and jewelry and other accessories.  I will be adding links to trends and other stuff I think is amazing!

I am also a hair designer at G-Squared here in San Francisco, so  periodically there will be pictures of hair cuts and or color that I have created.  And last but not least, photos of other crafty things I have created as well.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

The very first picture is, of corse, me wearing my invention called a bustle belt. Here you can only see the back, the front is a typical belt with a large buckle


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Tamagosan said...

Love this shot of you!