Monday, May 12, 2008

Clothing Swap party

Clothing swaps are always so much fun!  It's really just a GREAT excure to get together with fun ladies and drink wine and play dress up.  I think the dogs had almost as much fun as we did, they were burrying themselfs in the pile. 

After we had finished the swap Nichole's boyfriend showed up and surprised her with a new baby kitten, he was the sweetet little guy, so mello and so pretty.  He was born on st. pattys and last I heard they were naming him clover. 

My friend Emily, who hosted the party had some wine then confessed that she had purchased 9 pairs of shoes earlier in the day.  We were cracking up.  Emily is the sort of girl who usually buys 1 pair of shoes for 200$  but that day she had ended up at Ross and apparently they had a lot of great shoes, so instead of 1 pair for 200 she got 9.  Here she is with some of her new purchases.  I have to tell you she really did score.

The following few shots  are some of our new outfits from the swap! First kristie ( in my old dress, and styled by me with the scarf and undershirt), then me (whole outfit and shoes from the swap) and last is emily  (in one of her 9 pairs) and nichole being silly. 

The night ended up with some of us out on the town, I just loved this vintage vehicle. L to right are Kristie, Sara and Emily (wearing another one of the 9 pairs).  

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