Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flight attendant fashion

After seeing the Macr Jacobs collection I started seeing flight attendant fashion all over, so I gathered some photos of some great eamples of hot flight attendants. 

The following 2 photos are from a exibit in seattle at the museum of flight.  I love these older ladies rocking the amazing suits, especially the yellow one.  I hope I am still hot at that age! (pisc from Conniesewer)


These two ladies are friends of mine in seattle.  They have a production company called Luckyclam productions.  Lucky penny  (the red head) is a burlesque dancer and costume/fashion designer.  I am pretty confident that she designed these two outfits.  Queenclam  (the blond) is in advertising and is one fun gal. 

This next shot is from Singapore airlines. How great are they, polished and ethnic all at the same time.
These next two are from southwest, I love these outfits and I would totally rock those boots (I actually have some similar ones!)  The crazy part is  this is the airline that was in the news for trying to tell a women to change her clothing while on a flight, because they thought she was showing too much skin. 

Thanks to all the sources of the pics and please check out the links for more info on the great people.

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