Friday, May 30, 2008

Trendy, to be or not to be

I was reading a post today from clothes horse that reminded me of my frustrations with trends.   

 This weekend I was shoping and I went into urban outfitters just to check out the sales.  I normally dont shop here because I find it over priced and feel that most of the things they sell I could find at any thrift store, if I wanted to. 

 I see this girl who was dressed so uber trendy that she was almost like a parody of herself.  She was wearing a fedora, a scarf (like the one rachel ray wore in the commercial), tight grey jeans with black pirate boots over them.  She was also very young and tini and just had too much on, she had overdone it.  I am not one to critisize individual style, but this was nothing of the sort.  It was all trendy items that she had layered upon each other.  

I am not saying that I don't folllow trends in some way because there is no way around this.  I actually liked all the things she was wearing, just not all together. Funny,  I actually have all the items she was wearing.  I would just choose to wear them with other interesting vintage things or basics.  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for saying this - the hardest thing is when others suppose bloggers to follow every trend.

The Clothes Horse said...

Victim! I don't know why people want what everyone else always has... I like to know what trends are and sometimes I wear them, but ultimately I just don't really care about them.

Pretty Pirate said...

thanks for commenting ladies, Its nice to know people actually read what I have to say. Some trends are fun, but once they are popular it kind of turns me off and I don't want to wear them anymore. I always seem to get something interesting then next think you know there it is everywhere. One of the worst cases of this was the vintage gorgeous moroccan disk belt that I found at goodwill in seattle, I had never seen one like it. The a couple months later I saw them at urban outfitters for like 10X what I paid.

I still have mine and I love it but after that it is hard to wear for me. This was of corse a couple years ago when they were popular. I have started wearing it again now (I have a black one that a friend gave me as well as the brown one I found at the goodwill). They aren't as trendy now but, fashion toast and lulu of everybody is ugly mentioned bringing them back.....dammit!