Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DIY studded boots

I got these boots a couple weeks ago for a great deal. I also picked up some studs from a online stud company.  The studs are so inexpensive from studs and spikes compared to the first set I bought at a local craft store.  After wearing the boots I decided they were just a tad boring and decided to merge my two new purchases together.  My inspiration was 1/2 louboutin and 1/2 Tripp. By the way the Tripp boots are on super sale now (click on the link above them to see).  I love the way mine turned out and I am now looking for other things to add studs to.  If you decide to stud up some boots, make sure you get the strong metal studs and use a fabric based pair of boots.  

Louboutin boots sold out

Here are my take 

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