Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talisman er Woman

Having been a jewelry maker in some form for over 20 years, I have now graduated to chains and charms.  I started with beading when I was really young and next the hemp necklaces that were so popular in the 90's and finally the chain jewelry that I create now.  I  decided this morning that I wanted to make something that was really meaningful to ME, a personal story of sorts.  A piece that describes me and alludes to my personality with just a glance.  A talisman is something that is supposed to possess magical powers and what better way to adorn ones self than with perfect little amulets that protect me from trouble.  The ones I choose all have different powers and representations. 

Amulets (Left to Right)

Gold Tassel-representing movement and a reminder to me to be more active (step away from the computer)
Quartz Crystal-Creates positive energy and balance.
Safety pin-A reminder of some of my passions, sewing/creating and art
Slice of animal horn-Represents my connection to animals and nature, two of my favorite things.
Peace Sign-A reminder to live peacefully and in tune with my self
Key-A connection to my heritage and family, this key is from my grandparents old house. The number 3 which is printed on the key represents (funny enough) being creative, artistic, positive, imaginative, uplifting (all things I would like to consider myself). 
Red glass bling-Red represents self awareness, gives courage and strength and offers stability. The bling also reminds me of my love of dressing up and feeling great. 
Scissors-Represents my chosen career of designing hair and making people feel great as well as my love of sewing. 
Bone-Reminds me of my love of Native American culture, the practice of worshiping the earth and being non wasteful.
Tigers Eye-Useful for focusing, clear thinking and good luck, protection from the evil eye.  

 While wearing this necklace I already feel great with so many personal items on my body.   I have to admit while making it I hadn't put as much thought into it, other than things I liked and wanted to add.  While making this list and doing the research I had fun and felt re-enlightened.  Even though I used the internet to find all the info, I have books with all the various info that I have collected over the years.  Which reminds me that I need to brush up on some of these things.  I believe the manifestation of this necklace and post will being great things to my life.

Ha, I look so perplexed, it's the silly self portraits. This is a pretty boring outfit, I was at home all day so no dressing up. 

Wearing-DIY talisman necklace
Shirt-Banana Republic, thrifted
Jeans-Levis, thrifted
Shoes-Steve Madden, thrifted


myedit said...

Cool, personal touches on the necklace. I love the story behind each piece.
I also looovvve the hats in the background, I'm totally creeping older pictures to see more good stuff on your shelves:)

Tamagosan said...

OMG your hair + cuffs + shoes are such a cute combo. And very cool personal necklace...

Missa said...

That's so cool that you instinctively put together so many meaningful and symbolic pieces. It's lovely.

Charm necklaces are my favorite. I have two that I like to wear together sometimes, one has a silver heart charm and a tiny silver clover leaf charm. The other has an old scorpio charm I found at an antique store (my husband is a scorpio).