Friday, February 19, 2010

A day in the life, found my coat and grabbed my hat.

I shared a great day with some friends on Wednesday.  The weather was absolutely perfect which has now turned back to rain.  We started out in the park across from my house and had a picnic and some nice white wine.  As we drank the beautiful nectar we chatted about life, work and men.  We ended the night with music from my favorite local band, Gaucho who plays amazing gypsy jazz.  Gaucho makes me feel like I live in a bygone era, like I am in a fancy parlor with all kinds of interesting people.  I highly suggest you check them out if you life in SF.  They play every Wednesday at Amnesia.  These pictures are as the day progressed.  I changed my outfit 3 times, ha!  I love wearing different outfits throughout the day. 

My friends Emily with her dog Quaila and Kristy (notice the ladies in the background wearing their bikni's, yes it was that warm.) 

The token self portrait!
I love my Chanel knock off's

Mid day outfit-
Scarf-Vintage from Josephine 
Jacket-Thrifted with gift certificate from SFStyle. 
Jeans-Earl Jeans
Shoes-Steve Madden

Nighttime outfit-
Hat-Vintage and thrifted
Dress-Vintage and thrited
Velvet Jacket-Vintage, thrifted I added new (vintage)  button
Shoes-Vintage, thrifted and re-soled
Belt-from random blouse


オテモヤン said...
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pixelhazard said...

so much awesome thrifted goods. The random hula hoopers are amusing!

Missa said...

Ooh, I like the gypsy jazz. I wonder if they ever head up north to play.

Can't wait for the sun to return!