Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Of D.I.Y

Days off can be so rewarding.  Today after drinking a huge cup of coffee I was so inspired to create.  Coffee can change my demeanor dramatically. I need any motivation I can get to stop reading fashion blogs all day.  I'm fairly certain I need to drink it everyday instead of just sometimes. It really motivates me like nothing else.  I recived a lovely package of feathers in the mail today (thanks mom).  My father is a hunter so he has quite a few whole pheasants laying around, they are such beautiful creatures.  Over the holidays he gave me a few since I had been running out of feathers.  I was so excited to get them that I immediately starting making things.

I have been wanting to make a braided headband for a while.  After attempting it,  the size was a bit too small for the headband which led me to the idea to put feathers underneath it to make a combo of feathers and a braid.  It's great that the faux hair matches my color so perfectly!  I am really liking this, my plan is to make some more to sell in my Etsy store.    I want to say thanks to the beautiful creatures who made it possible to make these things.  I love being able to use all the parts of things and my father hunted these for the food but art was made as well. 

The braided/feathered headband

Feather earrings coming soon too!

I made this ring/bracelet about a month ago and had misplaced it until today.  I was so thrilled to have found it.  I have been wanting to find it and wear it again!  It's so comfortable that I can wear it while I do hair, not many of my rings have that going for them.  Wow, my hand is looking pretty beat up, silly cats. 

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Emz said...

Wow did you make all those things? That's so crazy!! Amazing =)