Friday, February 5, 2010

Grey scale

Here's a few shots of my work outfit today.  I seem to dress more trendy for work then I do when I am not working.  It must be the colors I have to wear which are black, white and grey.  I really like the shoulders on this dress, it was hard to get a good picture but they are nicely draped and large.  The sequins are pretty rocking too!

The Details-

Jacket-Burlington coat factory
Dress-Crossroads trading co.
Leggings-Urban Outfitters
Bracelets-All thrifted randomly 


Sarah said...

SuPer CutE!!! Love the outfit, hair and everything! Amazing boots especially. :)

Missa said...

The boots! You have an awesome collection of footwear lady!

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks sarah and Missa, I have a shoe problem! I Love shoes and always have.