Thursday, February 4, 2010

Backward process!

For me the evolution of my outfits is most of the fun.  When I have time I like to try different things, add, take away and play.  It's so much fun.  Sometimes I miss having lady housemates to play dress up with.   When my friends do come over I tend to dress them up in my fabulous vintage dresses and accessorize accordingly.  I am a crazy old lady, already.  I can't wait to see what I do with my kids and grandkids.  Watch out kids, momma's gonna make you look fabulous.  Can you tell my clock is ticking, ha!


Blue suede coat-Vintage and thrifted in Oregon
Dress-Thrifted and shortened
Feather head dress-Self Made, Pretty Pirate Designs (will be selling these soon)
Shoes-Vintage and thrifted in my home town
Cream blouse-Thrifted
Tassel necklace-Thrifted in my home town
Locket necklace-From a deceased family friend who I never met, I call them the Josephine collection.  When I was home for the holidays I acquired a ton of great vintage jewelry, lots of rhinestones.  I'll do a proper post to show you soon. 

First look (minus feathers and Jewelry)

Minus coat

Feather headdress I made a while ago.  More to come for sale when my feathers arrive.  My father is a hunter so I have 4 pheasants coming. 


I love these shoes, they look great with almost everything.


Kodi Fujii said...

that dress issss the cutest thing i have ever seen lol. and i have a long sleee thing just like that and now i know how to wear it.

LoveCharlesVintage said...

Those shoes and necklaces are to die for!

Missa said...

Love this outfit! The dress is so perfect layered over the lacy blouse and oh my goodness those shoes are fabulous! The feathers look really pretty too :)

Second Skin said...

I love the feel of this outfit so much! Your personal style is amazing! So glad I found your blog! Thanks so much for your kind words yesterday.