Thursday, February 11, 2010

:( The Death Of Inspiration

What terrible news I heard as I woke today.  I just loved to peek through the archives and be inspired to create.  The dress (below) that Drew is wearing was in a magazine we have at work and was categorized in the worst dressed section.  I had no idea who the designer was, but I always LOVED it.  I tend to stare over my clients shoulders as they read.  I just kept thinking those magazine editors (US weekly ?) are crazy, or just clueless, for not seeing the genius in this dress  The dress is fabulous and unlike anything I have ever seen.  The intricacy of the pattern and the lines and colors are fab.  I was reading  some articles about his death earlier today and this dress was shown in a photo montage.  But of corse...... the most amazing dress ever was was made by him.   R.I.P To a visionary, he will be greatly missed and always cherished.  Now If I could just get my hands on her hair......eeek!!

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