Wednesday, February 10, 2010

double the pleasure

Can you tell I needed a pick me up today, dressing pretty and feminine always helps.   I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  I have been thinking a lot about life lately and wanting to find a new path, one in which I feel like I am making a difference in the world.  I love my job as a hair designer but I think I need something more in my life.  Maybe this is what we all go through from time to time.  Being in my 30's now,  I feel it more than ever.   Wanting to travel, be married, have kids.  I need some more fulfillment.  I did start making a dress today inspired by The Boudoir Queen, who I love.  I am not happy with it so far so I will have to alter it some more and then I'll show it off here.

Outfit Details-
Lace blouse-Thrifted (my new favorite layering piece)
Tights-Vintage danskin (new in package from thrift store in Oregon)
Shoes-Vintage, Thrifted in my home town (mens I think)
Necklace-Self made, Pretty Pirate Designs
Flower pin-Self made 

This is what I wore to work yesterday, I was getting some seriously crazy stares on the street.  I find it really amusing when people stare at my outfits.  It makes me feel good, knowing that I look different and am not a clone.

Btw, these new boots are from Bluefly.  It was my first purchase on that site, they were a gift from my BF for my birthday.  I had many problems with them and eventually got a damage refund from them.  These boots are the most expensive shoes I have ever owned and I wanted them to be perfect.  I have been searching from some simple riding boots for a while and these were exactly what I wanted.  They came to me with some smudges on them and creases on the toes, it looked as if they had been tried on a bunch and returned.  They were the last pair available and not in perfect condition but they were sold as new and perfect.  They said they would give me a damage refund for $21.80 and then refunded me $17.80 (after this I could never return them).  I had to email them to tell them they messed up (again).  The whole experience was terrible and I'm not sure I will ever use the site again.  I do love the boots though and am happy with the quality besides the damage (which is not too noticeable).  I got a great deal on them but the hassle was dreadful.

Outfit Details-
Earrings-Burlington coat factory
Beaded Jacket-Vintage, Thrifted in my home town
Dress-Old basic, cant't remember
Wooden Belt-Thrifted
Boots-Ash, Bluefly

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Tamagosan said...

A hell of a lot more interesting than what I wore to work yesterday, let me tell you! Actually, I did wear a thrifted shirt... from the Hospice Thrift Store in Tahoe/King's Beach. I got a bunch of stuff there actually with my friend Rebecca whom you would love, if only for the excellent shopping instinct you guys both have!

Also, f*ck BlueFly. Good to know.

ALSO, sounds like you're embarking on a cool path of self-discovery! Keep the focus on yourself and run with it, girl! You are awesome, an inspiration to many, and deserve lots of awesome things!