Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ :(

What is there to say that hasn't been said all over the world already, the man was a Icon. He lived a almost, sad life. I always felt sorry for him. I remember being a lot younger and seeing a made for T.V movie about his family. His dad was so mean to him. I'll never forget how that movie affected me and to this day makes me feel sorry for him. I love his music, it always makes me happy and puts me in a dancing mood. I hope we can remember the good things about this spectacular man. I also hope his children can have a more normal existence and not grow up in a constant spotlight like he did.

His clothing was so amazing, I was watching a show on TV about him just now and he was wearing the leg chain, just like the ones that Litter SF, is making now. He was always well dressed and put together even if it sometimes included masks and other weird things. RIP MJ, you will always be here in music!

One of the amazing leg accessories!!!


Damsels said...

i was completely flooored when i heard

this is so crushing for his fans
We Were Damsels
we really appreciate you stopping by our blog we love every comment makes us smile : )

Miranda said...

rest in peace MJ

BAMBI said...

He still had so much left to give :(
on a positive note, I really like the blog :)