Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sushi Party

A friend of mine had a sushi party last weekend. It was amazing, all you can eat, great quality fish. That's would make it pretty perfect in my book. I helped by making cute and weird signs for the rolls. We choose names together as more people started to arrive. Of corse there were 2 Michael Jackson inspired rolls. We also had Salmon, Himachi, Tuna and sweet shrimp sashimi. It was all so fresh and amazing.

Here I am doing my trusted self portrait.
Im wearing a vintage dress.

My lady Eliza!
Here are some of my signs, they all included a real plant.
The shrimp after it was cleaned (a long process)
Jeremy cutting up the goods.


Damsels said...

sushi party ?
sounds like heaven
what s your favorite roll ?

Pretty Pirate said...

I think my fave of the party was the Billy Jean's Thriller, which was Salmon, creamc cheese and hot pepper. It was soo tasty! Thanks for reading! You ladies are the best!