Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad photos for your unpleasure

I'm back to relying on myself to take outfit photos. These suck, but at least you can see my new floral blazer and shoes, both thrifted. The boots are the second pair of lace up boots that I have found at this thrift store, the first ones were brand new Charles David and these new ones are never worn either, not sure if they are new or just never been worn, made by Zodiac. I have been wanting a pair like this that are comfy, easy to walk in and look great. So, yeah, they are perfect. I'm really not as mean as I look in these photos. I have one of the unfortunate down turned mouths, so I look upset when not smiling.

Im wearing-
Thrifted super soft bamboo tee, cut up to remove silk screen on sleeve
Thrifted blazer
H&M skirt
Thrifted Zodiac boots
New necklace made by me
Purse from Marshalls
Sunnies from F212


Damsels said...

cute floral trench
We Were Damsels

kirstyb said...

Cute outfit love the blazer xoxox