Wednesday, June 24, 2009

See you at the crossroads

I went to crossroads again this week. I love exchanging clothing I don't wear anymore and getting new stuff. I took a bag in and they took everything except 2 things. In addition to these items, minus the last black dress which I got at a vintage store, I got a awesome pair of Hudson jeans that fit like a dream. I spent a total of 6$ at cross roads and 18$ on the vintage ethnic dress which I had to alter just a bit on top (took in the sides a couple inches on each side). I'll show the jeans soon. Im wearing them right now with a cool vintage dress DIY, you will see in the next post.
Details of clothing
White blouse-f21 and so pretty
Black/white dress-not sure what brand but awesome for summer
Blue/cream dress-Dress up NWT very 40's looking, fits perfect
Black ethnic dress-Clothing by the pound on Valencia (LOVE it)

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