Thursday, June 10, 2010

Retro Summer

I have been feeling really amazing the last few days.  After all the changes in my life,  I am finally settling back into my own reality, nicely.  I love my new apartment, it already feels like home which is of utter importance to me.  It's so bright and cheery so every day when I wake up I feel bright and cheery too.

Yesterday, I walked over to the farmers market to get some fresh produce, it was a lovely day for a stroll.  I ended up getting all kinds of goodies including some beautiful roses.  Today, I was going to wear shorts and a tee and have a casual day,  but instead, I decided on this vintage blouse.  I just love the light pastel color and the sheerness. The way I usually go about choosing my outfits is with one certain piece in mind, as in the shorts earlier and then the blouse.  I build the rest of the outfit based on the starting piece.  Most times it evolves by the time I leave the house.  How do you choose your outfits?  I always wonder how others do it.  Let me know!

 This outfit is much more my "Seattle" style.  When I lived in Seattle I wore mostly vintage dresses, I still love to, but I like to experiment with more modern looks now as well.  This outfit was so inexpensive too.

Here is all the yummy treats I got at the farmers market
Skirt-from a clothing swap

Close up of the shoes! ;)


Beach Blonde said...

Love the outfit and the SHOES.. Your apartment is SO adorable. It really looks like "you". You have an eye for decorating too my talented cuzin!!

Eyeliah said...

I am so so glad to hear it, my life is still an utter mess! :-(

Tamagosan said...

Yay for dressing up for farmers market day! Those shoes are comfy to walk in? Love the make-up, too!

Missa said...

I'm the same way with putting together outfits, usually starting off with a certain piece and building around it. So glad to hear you're having good times and enjoying your new place :)

I love the blouse, this whole outfit is so cute and the shoes compliment it so well!