Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outstanding day!

Continuing with my perfect week, I attended a amazing outdoor party on Sunday.  It was on Treasure Island right across from San Francisco.  The "sunset parties" are put on by Pacific Sound and are some of the most fun events of the summer, in and around SF.   Some friends and I, took off pretty early and were among the first 100 people there at around noon.  The number of people quickly grew to around 1000.  Not only did I go with some amazing ladies I also ran into tons of friends that I didn't even know would be there, gotta love that!

Some buddies and I  

The view from the upper deck of the art car, which was a wooden ship (see next photo).  That is SF across the water. 

A little jumping!  She was so darling, her dress was handmade and super cute!

My lady friend and I, this is my flock of seagulls hair do, it was super windy so my braid kept coming out. 

My friend Conrad, who is hilarious!  (you can see a closer view of the cute girls dress in the background too)


Eyeliah said...

Treasure Island the perfect place for our pirate to visit – ARRR!

Damsels said...

that looks like the perfect place to hang out on a sunny day

Missa said...

Well this sounds like heaps o' fun! Yes, we should definitely get together sometime when I make it down to the city :)