Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pride without Prejudice

Sunday was the 40th anniversary of Gay Pride festivities in San Francisco!  This was the first time I attended the SF version. I have previously attended the Seattle festivities but San Francisco definitely takes it up a notch.  First of all, I have never seen so many people, happy people, all in one place.  It was hard to walk anywhere cause the crowds were so intense.  We saw the backstreet boys in the parade and then performing on the main stage, people were so excited to see them, it was crazy.  They were great performers, their dancing was super tight.   My friend Sarye and I met lots of nice people and managed to have a blast. 

I am wearing-

Feather hair dangle-DIY/Pretty Pirate Designs
Tank-Arkay Workshop/Alternative apparel)
Purse-DIY/Pretty Pirate Designs
Belt-Moksha in Seattle/imported
Skirt-(previously the bells from pants that I altered into a skirt)/Import store on Haight St.

This guy is from Cheer SF and is currently on "americas got talent".  What a nice guy too!  We saw them perform and they were amazing!

Rainbow tail doggy!!

These guys have been together 44 years, thats more than most marriage's last!

Love the feathers

Angel on stilts

Cute float representing Middle Eastern gays

The house music block, people were dancing tough, this was one of my fave areas

The garbage was pretty overwhelming, they needed way more receptacles, they were all full

Watching the parade


Tamagosan said...

Ya look fab, and awwww what a cute Pride Pup! :-)

Missa said...

Looks wild and crazy and FUN! Love your hair feathers :)