Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Selling clothing

Today I went to my local Buffalo Exchange for the first time ever.  It was so great.  The people who worked there were the friendliest buffalo exchange people I have ever met.  The people at the Seattle locations were always acting too cool.  I sold almost everything I brought in and got a lil over 100$ in trade.  I scored big on the exchange items.  I got some amazing goldish gladiator sandles, a yellow armani exchange blouse, a gorgeous victorian inspired grey sweatshirt (hard to imagine I know), a great longish black hoody with drawstring waist and a supercute cream with red polkadots tshirt with bib front.
After that adventure I went to Thriftown and got some more awesome stuff.  A new dress, some really neat vintage cropped flaired pants,  cute skinny white belt, Old school Wild pair netted shoes, and some drawstring wideleg hippy pants.
I love SF for shopping, it really is amazing!

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