Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loot from thrifting

Here are the things I got for myself thrifting today.  

Gorgeous see thru blouse-originally from F21
Floral belt-no tag
High waisted jeans-no tag very similar to the navy issued versions (I took out the seam on the bottom to make them longer)
High waisted granny pants-no tag, great bright orange color
Rain coat-I am excited about this coat,  it's marimekko (i have been looking for a cool rain coat for a while now.)  It's quite funny that I grew up in places with lots of rain and haven't had a raincoat since I was little.   I have even looked online for something interesting and this one is absolutely perfect, the print and the fit!

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Queen of Fifty Cents said...

That raincoat is fabbo--great find!