Monday, June 9, 2008

Friend fashion,gossip

A friend of mine was is in town from Seattle so we had a little photosoot in my hallway. Abi is such a beauty, but for some reason my other friend who shot the phots didn't get any of her whole face. The shirt she is wearing was reconstructed by me. She is wearing her own pants and my hat (marshals) and shoes (etsy, vintage).

I met my neighbor last night and we had her over for some drinks. Turns out she works in the fashion industry and had tons of gossip. She is in the fragrance industry and has done tons of public apperances with very famous people. Some of the gossip I got was really great.

Kimora Lee Simmons has to have a new toilet seat where ever she goes. J-lo is quite the diva, I will try to get more details on that next time. I was gald to hear that S.J.P is super down to earth and when they had scheduled to pick her up and drive her to the appearance, she declined and said she was from new york and was going to walk( it was across the street.) My neighbor also said she worked on a appearance with Elizabeth Taylor. Liz walked out into the crowd, really late, the flash bulbs were so blinding that my neighbor had to close her eyes for a few minutes becuse she felt like she was going to faint. As she opened them she noticed that Elizabeth was right next to her and had previously been across the room, she had a huge fake smile and muttered, with out even breaking her smile that she hoped it was over soon becuase her dress was killing her.

The coolest account was of her meeting Yves st laurent. She worked with him on his fragrance called "champagne". They were later sued by the french sparkling wine industry. She said the fragrance was amazing in the way it smelled. When she was at a party on ellis Island that he had thrown, (he rented out the Island) she was wearing her gorgeous Yves st Laurent suit, it sounds amazing. Later in the evening there had been a discrepency with the city and all the lights on the island were turned off. She said they had to light 10,000 candles to illuminate the island and 50 people did it in a hour. It was so fun to get to hear all her acounts of amazing encounters with stars. She is so fun! I can't wait to get more great stories out of her.

        My neighbor, I turned the picture to black and white becuase we all got a little sun burned and her skin was really red, this is much more flattering. 


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