Friday, June 6, 2008

Loot from thrifting

I had a great day thrifting today, I found a beautiful 50'd dress that fits perfectly, the picture doesn't do it justice. It was funny as this particular thrift store prices almost all the dress at 9-12$.   I found this one in the regular dress section, not the vintage section and I couldn't find a tag on it. They called the guy from the back and he sid 8.75$. I thought that was a great deal because even the terrible 90's dresses were 9$. Then I got home to try it on and found the tag inside marked at 7$.......oh well, I still got a great deal and this shop is all for charity so its goes to a great cause. I also found some great 60's shorts that I think originally were a swimsuit. They are super cute and will be going in my etsy store as they are too small. The shoes I found are a perfect fit and vintage hand tooled leather. Then the vintage brocade clutch, I still haven't decided if I will keep it or sell it im my store. The great 50's winter coat  is very interesting as it buttons only on the bottom and the top is held together with a built in scarf that goes over the shoulder, it looks amazing on. All in all a great day thrifting.

front of the coat

back of the coat

50's dress with great front details

Detail of front

Crazy 60's shorts with cute bows on the sides
Hand tooled leather shoes
Brocade clutch with chain handle

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Stitches & Threads said...

I especially like the shoes! Lovely :)