Friday, June 20, 2008

Sexy Librarian

I found this lovely Brooks brothers dress at a thrift store some time ago, I believe its 80's, but it has a older vibe about it.  I wore it once, then decided I looked like a librarian in it.  It's beautiful fabric and I had originally wanted to cut it up and change it around but never got around to it.  So I decided to put it up on Etsy.  It was on Etsy for a couple months and didn't get much action. This morning I decided to cut it up finally and make something I love out of it.  It's just a beautiful dress and I wanted to give it a new life. I cut off the sleeves, made it into a v-neck which is much more flattering on my large chest, and hemmed it up about a foot.  For the final touch I added a bow that I made with some of the left over fabric.  I think it turned out so great, and with only taking about a 1/2 hour it was a great project.

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