Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Night Adventures

My former housemate and great friend is here to visit for a week.  I met her at the train station, then ended up walking around the hood for a couple hours.  I found this bow purse at a street vendor, literally on the ground of the sidewalk.  I thought It was amazing and I asked the gentleman how much and he said 3$, no way!  It's real leather and the strap can be adjusted to wear as a fanny pack and, or a hat as I have worn it here.  I am excited to have found it, as I am going to be making another one or few to sell.  I have tons of salvaged leather and have now found the perfect thing to make with it.  

Outfit details

Shirt-Vintage (from recent fave things post)
Necklaces-Etsy and randoms
Bracelets-randoms thrifted
Belt-Betsy Johnson
Jeans-High waisted hudson (best jeans ever)
Coat-vintage 60's with built in scarf, its an amazing design

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