Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another day off, another adventure

Apparently none of my clients need their hair done this week, I have yet to work.  This means that I have a 2 day work week starting tomorrow.  I have been hanging out relaxing and doing some thrifting and swapping via Buffalo Exchange.   I love the buffalo exchange here so much, the people who work there are the friendliest people.  How could you not love getting rid of things you don't wear and getting amazing new things with out shelling out any moolah.  I decided to take some pictures on my way to the store today because my neighborhood is so colorful.

These bright pink flower vines grow everywhere here and are so pretty!
This colorful house is right around the corner form my house

This is the local mission pool, the murals in my neighborhood are gorgeous!

My sweet kitty doing his favorite paw tucking!

This was a bowl, I knocked it off of the table and this is what happened.  I like all the shapes that occurred when it broke

Dress #1 from B.E., this nautical inspired dress fits amazingly and is vintage with a metal zipper.  I love the neckline, it has to be worn with something underneath.  It's gonna be fun to pair it with fun stuff.

Dress #2 is so sweet and feminine, I didn't realize the sleeves had been cut off until I got it home, but its perfect as is.  It is also vintage!

Dress #3 is vintage as well and super sheer, I can't wait to pair it up with one of my many hand dyed slips.  The fabric reminds me of the print on this dress in my etsy store, but in a  different fabric. 

Funny, on my way there I was thinking I needed some black sandals for summer. I looked around the store for some and didn't see any.   Then right before I was leaving I spotted these, in my size, new and super comfy!

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