Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New boots and New hair color

Details of dress

The new boots!

New hair color!
Necklaces-thrifted and Jeremy's department store
Boots-Ebay (Charles David)
Bracelets-Random thrifted

My new boots got here finally. How I acquired them is a great story.  One day I was thinking about brands of things I had that I really love and are good quality.  I decided to look up Charles David boots on ebay to see what was out there.  I found these brand new, never worn boots in my size.  They were only at 10.00$, so I figured I would bid up to 20$ just to see what happens.  I ended up winning them at 10.50$ and with 10$ for shipping the cost was so minimal.  

When they arrived they had a price tag on the box for 325$, Amazing!!  They are so soft and comfortable, I'm in love.  Perfectly in for this season, with all the boots I saw at nordstrom having various buckles.   Last season it was buttons and I have a couple pairs with lots of button details and I still love them, but now I have the buckles too!  Yeaaaaa, for Ebay, I have renewed hope for you.

I also colored my hair really bright copper, it was driving me crazy being a weird in between color.


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Cool boots and what a bargain!

Tamagosan said...

OK wow, good job with the needle in the haystack on those boots! And can I just say the outfit is smokin'! A perfect use for that necklace!!

Anonymous said...

30? Really?