Friday, September 26, 2008

Got my hair did

I have been gradually lightening my hair, I got more highlights added today and toned them to stay lighter than the rest of my hair.  Our receptionist at the salon is wanting to go to beauty school, so we are letting her do our hair as we teach her.  She did a great job today, I love how it turned out.  I did all the formulations for the color and taught her to weave instead of slice the hair for the foils.  My hair is also straight here, and it's finally getting long enough that the layers look good blown out, with out flat ironing.   Yaaaa!

  I am wearing a vintage dress that I shortened, vintage and new necklaces, Hue capri lace leggings and Mia gladiator heels.  I am so ready for colder weather, even though San Francisco is officially having our summer right now.  I just want to wear layers and boots and coats and tights and scarves!

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진주 said...

you were pretty today,

keep posting your story, I will visit from time to time :)