Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Favorite things vintage dresses edition (20's-50's)

I haven't done a favorite things post in a long time so I decided to show some of my huge collection  of vintage dresses.  These are some of the oldest ones I own and the most interesting.   I will do another post soon of 50's-80-s dresses, I have some great ones from those era's too.   If you are interested in more of my favorite things you can go to my archive list and check out some other fun things from my collection.  Thanks for all the great comments lately, I heart you people!  Don't forget to click on photos for more details. 

Handmade 20's silk dress with beautiful embossed silk.  This dress is immaculately made with so many wonderful details.  It's also in perfect condition.  I found this in one of the only vintage store's in my home town of Vancouver WA, I think I paid around 30$ for it. 

This dress is most likely 30's or 40's, it has snaps on the top arm area and is floor length with most of it being see thru and the rest being velvet.  Around the bottom it has these great ribbons woven in and out of the fabric, its gorgeous and I usually wear it on Halloween for some of my darker costumes.  It is in decent condition with some ripping around the bottom.  I got this for free from a guy on the street in Seattle that was selling things, he got kicked off the corner and said "every things free"  I got so many neat things that day.  What a great day!

Im thinking this dress is around 40's-50's its beautiful with the tulle over the satin underneath. It is also floor length and has some major ripping that I want to fix eventually. I found this at a city wide garage sale in Jacksonville OR for 6$

This great 50's dress was handed down to me by my grandma who wore it.  I love it because it has her essence! 


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Lovely dresses! Do you get a chance to wear them often?

Jaslynn said...

Wonderful selection!! Love this black and pink combination dress...