Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Here are some recent non fashion related pics to leave you for the holidays when I am away.  I might be posting in the next week or so.  I most likely will be at some point.  My mom just showed me the most beautiful coat she got.   It's vintage made here in portland by this amazing old company that was bought out by Nordstrom when they started selling clothing.  It was there first clothing line.  I will take some pictures of it to post soon.  It has square glass beads all over it and so much detailing that it almost look like its from a hill tribe in thailand, besides the fact that it is all black.  I want to steal it, but she isn't ready to give it up yet. 

View from the front porch, with a little muppet in the snow

The sunset above the storm flying out of San Francisco

My Front yard, Dolores park

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