Monday, December 15, 2008

I knew this day would come

I started making bustle belts a few years ago, after sitting on the idea for another couple years.  In my mind I was the inventor and even have a website, however poorly done (created by a x-friend who was a blind programmer, hence the sideways photos).  That is another story all together. 

 I always knew the day would come when a large design company would catch on and start making really expensive mass produced bustle belts.  I just wish I could have had the capital to have 1000 of them made years ago and marketed them myself.  I guess it's true, there is nothing new under the sun.  POOH!

Thanks to Suzie Bubble for clueing me in to my impending sadness.


Miss Urbanita said...

Need those belts!! Kisses ;)

WendyB said...

I hate it when that happens!