Friday, January 9, 2009

Fringe and Fur

I got my fringe cut at work yesterday after getting bored with my hair, it's the usual, every couple months itch. My boss was kind enough to cut them, I'm really liking it.  They're way more fun and now I look more like a stylist so I can talk to people about hair and accumulate some new clients.  A duck into F21 was made today, I know, I know, the shopping ban, I needed some new jewelry, dammit. Everything was cheap so I didn't spend much.  These glasses and the big silver necklace that you can sort of see in the photo came home with me.

 A very productive day at Crossroads trading company was had today as well.  I took some things in for trade that were no longer being worn and got almost 100$ for trade.  I came out with a beautiful new "with tags" fleece oversized coat with huge buttons and big drapey sleeves, a really cool huge drapey, see thru, army green sweater and a black Jean Paul Gautier shirt.  All amazing pieces that will get lots of wear, and go with my love of draping.  

My new mantra for this year is quality not quantity.  Replacing things with  pieces of better quality will be fun.  Whoever thought up shopping with out spending money deserves a big huge hug.  This year I will limit myself to trading old clothing for new, instead of a all out ban, because that obviously didn't work. 

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The Clothes Horse said...

I love your glasses. Your goal sounds great. I wish I had the focus to save for quality.