Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random vacation pictures!

I got to leave my lovely city to return to two of my favorite cities for the holidays.  It was a extended trip filled with reconnecting with some of my bestest friends and dive bars where I hung out when I was a wee 21 year old.  Funny thing is that my hometown hasn't changed much except for a ton of new chains stores like Target and Wallmart.  It's a bit crazy and I tend to get lost easily because everywhere I go it looks completely new.  I'm such a dork that many of my pictures were of peoples cute pets.   

My bestie from high school and I

My former roomate from Seattle who now lives in Portland

Besties sis and great old friend Todd

A friend's fabric and below patterns for his mens line

Spencer and Shina playing some tunes
Cute pets!  Tons of them!
Cosmo used to live with me, I hadn't seen him in years, he is the cutest guy.

This cat's name is fat bastard and we were drinking fat bastard, silly.

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