Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adventures to snacking land!

My boyfriend and I took a drive on Saturday to go see some of the country side and check out the oyster farms. It was such a gorgeous day! We stopped for lunch at a cute old restaurant that had been there for 65 years, right on the water. We then kept going and stopped at two oyster farms, where we ended up getting 2 dozen oysters. My boyfriend is jewish and didn't have much experience with oysters so I had to shuck them all as he had no clue what to do. However, he did enjoy the fruits of my labor. On the way home we stopped at a little store that sells the meat from Marin Sun Farms and got some meat for the week, Lamb chops and a roast. It was really neat to be in the area where a lot of our organic and local food is produced. We stopped along the road and took some photos of the cute cows, they were so friendly and seemed really happy. Their milk is used to make yogurt for Wallaby organic yogurt. It was a great one day vacation from the "shitty" (city) as a old hippie friend of mine used to call it.

Cute old farm house
Tunnel of trees
Perfect house on the water
Gorgeous view from the road
Happy cows at the Wallaby Yogurt farm
This cute cow lifted it's head for the picture!
Patio at the restaurant

I'm wearing
Dress-traded at buffalo exchange
Belt-thrifted and really neat with cool designs on the silver and a gold buckle.


Tamagosan said...

Mmm... I'm having Wallaby as part of my lunch! Love it up there, esp. the gems of oyster goodness from Tomales Bay...

Enep said...

nice post with beautiful pics :--D


Emz said...

That place looks so absolutely gorgeous!