Sunday, July 12, 2009

All vintage today!

It's a beautiful semi warm day today in SF. I am still trying to wear more of my large collection of vintage dresses. This one is fairly new, I got it when I took a bunch of clothing in to trade at Buffalo Exchange. This beautiful hat, I was lucky enough to find at a thrift store along with 2 others that are amazing, all in the same day. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

I'm wearing
Hat-vintage thrifted Dress-vintage 50s Buffalo exchange Belt-Grandpas old Shoes-etsy

sunny sunday
sunny sunday
sunny sunday
sunny sunday


Jennifer said...

Fab blog! I love that dress and the hat compliments it perfectly. You look adorable!

Damsels said...

wow the vintage sdress is gorgeous

i can tell its vintage has a retro feel to it , but in a good way
in a very good way

michellehendra said...

lovely! i'm into vintage as well these days, you know... :))


Tamagosan said...

Love love love that hat!!!

Isabel said...

This outfit is absolutely amazing! You look completely gorgeous and the shoes are spectacular. Just wow.

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks for all the complements, It means a lot coming from all you beautiful ladies!

The Barely Tattoo'd Artist said...

I want your shoes...

Love the hat!