Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outfit for a failed excursion

I was getting ready for work, when I got a call that my only client for today had canceled. Her son is sick. This is what I was going to wear to work, but I am no back in my cozies becuase it is freezing here. If I go out today I will most likely wear jeans so I can stay warm.

I am wearing
Coat-vintage, thrifted I was selling in my store but I decided to keep it for a while.
Belt-Etsy, vintage
Boots-thrifted and new

I have been loving all the nudes and peachy tones lately. This dress was a great find at Ross yesterday, it was only 8.50$. I also got some super cute new flats and some light baggy jeans with holes already in them. I only spent 40$. Gotta love Ross! Let me see here, this whole outfit cost.....jacket 8$, Dress8.50$, Belt 30$, Shoes 8$, Leggings 8$ 62.50! Pretty great!







Great shots!
You look lovely!

6roove said...

great belt, love it!

Damsels said...

ahh the belt is so great .
and love the fringe
this might sound bad but i swear in the best way
it remind me of xena . the belt that is

Clara said...

hello, dear!
I changed my address.
my blog now

is welcome

She's Dressing Up said...

The belt! The boots! Oooh love it.
Btw I have a giveaway on my blog this week, come and enter! =]

AK said...

Love the outfit (as usual)!

The Clothes Horse said...

Great look--your belt here is awesome!

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks ladies!! I love all the comments I'm getting lately. It's nice to know who's reading! The belt was a super lucky find on Etsy, the woman owns a real live shop in Santa Cruz as well. She has great stuff. I think Fashion is Poison has a vintage belt very that looks like the same maker, in a different color.