Thursday, July 30, 2009

White worky

As I've mentioned before I have to wear white, black and grey only to work. It forces me to get creative with the combos I come up with. Today I was going for flowy and comfy!

Necklace-DIY (pretty pirate designs)
Pants-Bebe thrifted
Bracelets-thrifted all over
Shell ring-Rome, Italy
Silver ring-? forgot





diana said...

i LOVE the detail on your shirt! also, i think i'm beginning to develop a bit of a jealousy issue over your shoes that fall into the "gladiator-esque" category.

granny-ators and now these too? do you know what you're doing to my heart?!

diana said...

(also, i'm totally stoked about being the Only Creepy Person Still Awake At 4:00 am, which allows me to be the first commenter on each new post.)

seriously though - who wants to be awake during daylight hours when it's 110 degrees outside?!

Damsels said...

th fabric of your white pants looks so breezy i bet they are super light weight.
and love those sandals
guess im gonig to target today :)

Pretty Pirate said...

Diana-I can't believe it's 110, that's bananas. I don't well in the heat. I would melt. Those target shoes are so freaking comfy, I've been wearing them all the time. I'm worried about wearing them out. I have so many shoes (oops) that I usually never wear them out, but these have a bad future ahead. Wait till you see my other pair, via etsy that is tan colored real leather, very similar to the black ones, they are rad too. I hope you are by some sort of pool/lake/river.

Damsels-Not sure they are still available, a friend tried to order them online and said they were gone, but maybe in store? The pants are super light weight, I'm in love with them. I Just found them thrifting the other day.

Isabel said...

Haha, most of my regular ensembles involves only grey, black and white so I'd be right at home with your work dress code!

Missa said...

Wow, that top is gorgeous! Love the detailing :)

LoveCharlesVintage said...

I just found your blog through Flickr.
I love all your posts! All your accessories are absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to read more.