Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First attempt successful!

After purchasing some amazing leggings from I Heart Norwegian wood  (I'm still patiently waiting for them). I decided I should try to make some as well.  I have been sewing for years and have had varying degrees of success sewing with really stretchy fabric.  It's a bit difficult but once you know the tension settings, the correct stitch to use and have more experience it's not so bad.  I found this amazing vintage stretchy velvety fabric in my stash, I have TONS of fabric most of which came from my amazing grandmother who was a avid seamstress.  I always wonder what she made with the pieces that I can tell are already cut up.   This fabric happened to be one of those pieces, It' such a crazy print I have no idea what she would have used it for.  Maybe a swimsuit perhaps.  I'm so happy these turned out so great. I can't wait to wear this one of a kind pair of leggings!

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Aya Smith said...

Those are some awesome tights!!!