Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick pic

My Isight somehow managed to fix itself today after months of not working.  This means I again have the option of taking crappy photos of myself via my computer.  I am wearing me new feather earrings that I made the other day with messy braids ala Alexander Wang spring 10.

Also wearing
Shell ring-Arkay workshop SF
Faux amber ring-thrifted
Large silver ring-Multi Culti SF


Willow said...

I was just thinking of making some feather earrings! I'd love to see a more clear pic of them. I got some really good ideas for a pair while I was visiting you.

Damsels said...

love the ring and theway you layered all of the bracelets .

MaddyLane Photography said...

Love it all, great picture too, like the mood, excellent, well done =)