Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is what I am wearing to work today.  I have a habit of pushing the boundaries of our dress code just a bit.  Cream is just like white, right?  This beautiful vintage Oscar  De La Renta jacket I am wearing is from the gift certificate I won from SFstyle, thanks to J.T and Dyanna!

Necklace-Found at goodwill bins in Seattle
Jacket-Savers Via SFstyle
Dress-Etsy (I shortened it)
Lace leggings-HnM
Boots-Thrifted (they were new and from the 90's)
Belt-Thrifted in hometown
Bracelets-thrifted all over


Michele said...

Great outfit! Love the boots and leggings! xxx

Bobbin Talk said...

Cream is great for winter!!
And the sweet delicate lace detail on the dress is very feminine!
Love all the hats behind you! I'm a big hat fan!

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks Michele and Bobbin Talk!!

Walk The Sand said...

That dress is gorgeous. Love the belt you've worn with it too.

Anonymous said...
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The Photodiarist said...

Love the quirky boots!

ilovecoolthings said...

i'm intensely jealous of your fire place... i've always wanted one.

i've also always loved the contrast of a pretty shade of cream and black, so classy and timeless really.


Clara said...

amazing look
great blog