Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bang Bang ☞

I did it!! I cut my bangs, I have been contemplating doing it for a few weeks.  You see, I have had bangs of some sort for over 10 years and had decided about 6/8 months ago to try something new, growing them out.  After trying it out, It seems hippie hair is not for me.  Bangs are so much more fun.   So this is what I wore today to update the store and run some errands.   I need to color my hair and I am trying to decide if I want to do it myself at home or have someone do it at work (I am a stylist at G squared salon).  It's always easier to have someone at work do it, but sometimes I like to be more adventurous and do it at home.  I want to add some bright orange streaks that peek out of the bottom and maybe a darker layer on the bottom of the fringe.  I've always had crazy colored hair up until a couple years ago when it became more natural looking.  I'm so bored.....what do you guys think?  

Outfit details-
asian inspired oversized jacket (worn upside down)-Thrifted
F21 tunic-Crossroads in castro
Vintage 6 strand necklace (worn crisscrossed)-Garage sale in Oregon years ago
Bracelets-Thrifted all over
Jeans-Element denim
Shoes-Thrifted at Thrifttown on Mission (crazy right?)

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