Thursday, October 21, 2010

Indian Summer

Oh how I love the late summers we have here in SF.  I was so lucky to have my best friend from grade 8 come visit me for the burning man decompression party.  The day was beautiful in every way, the weather was perfect, the love was in the air and we managed to have more fun than I thought possible.

Here I am with Jenny, she's wearing the headdress I made for last years Halloween costume, it looks so much better on her since she has the "native" look.   I am wearing the necklace I made. 

I am obsessed with the vest that Jenny is wearing, it's her aunts which the younger girls have taken over with much opposition.   Jenny has some Cherokee in her and it's from another tribe but either way it's gorgeous. 

We met some more natives, our new friend Wiley! 


Tamagosan said...

Lookin' hot, ladies! Fun to see you not hungover hahaha. :-)

Missa said...

Looks like fun and there are some seriously great accessories going on up in here!