Monday, July 7, 2008

Another project today

I found this stripey, stretchy, cotton fabric months ago at Thriftown and have been wanting to make a dress.  Time just flys by so fast and then all of a sudden I have a idea for what it will look like.  I never sketch things out, they just come to me and then I create it.   I knew I wanted to make it with the stripes vertical because of the slimming nature of the lines.  I am really into bows now so I added a cute big bow on the front.  I had to stuff the bow a little bit to  make it not so floppy.  I added another shot of how I am going to wear it later in the week.    The blue belt was thrifted today and is amazing with studs on the back and rhinestones on the big buckle. 


fashionpuppy said...

i love it

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks so much! And thanks for reading ;)