Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturday Sf Safari

I got a new camera!!!  These are actually the last photos taken with my old crappy camera.  My sweetie was sweet and got me a camera when we were out the other day (using the gift certificate my mom gave him last christmas).  We went on a city safari, being that we are always holed up in the mission/dolores park area where we live, we decided to go check out a new hood.  The Marina was our choice of location, which was interesting.  We had some great food at a sushi place known for having hot waitresses, I guess that means all blonds with big and sometimes fake breasts, it was very L.A, the food  was great though.  We also hung out and had lunch in SOMA.  It was a fun adventure all over the city. 

Boots-Charles David
Leather jacket-f21 long time ago(few years)
Purse-Marshals (diy studs)
Scarf-gift from bf's sister, thanks Oona

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