Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bigger is Better

I finally figured out how to use large pictures, about time. It's only been a year and 4 months of blogging. I guess I can now live up to the name my boyfriend has given me Jocie3000. This is what I wore today. I am experimenting with mixing patterns, I like how it turned out. Most of the things I am wearing are thrifted which is awesome. I'm about to head out and go scout some new things for the store. Keep an eye out!

I am wearing
Vintage real velvet coat-thrifted and changed button
Tee shirt with kitty-thrifted and cut sleeves and neckline (it's from salem, MA where one of my relatives was killed in the witch trials, I like the relevance of the shirt as well as the kitty.)
Footless tights-bought in middle school they are from 1991
Boots-Blowfish via ebay

Pirate floral

I love Bougainvillea

Fence on 18h

J stop art


Anonymous said...

Really nice mix of different patterns :).

Tamagosan said...

You look great, Joce!!