Monday, June 8, 2009

Days off in wonderland

Adventures this weekend included the Contemporary Jewish Museum, cuddling with my kitties, spending too much time at the BMW dealership, just so we could end up pulling out a fuse and putting it right back in and the best falafel ever. Today we did some shopping for my boyfriend at the Rugby store and AA. I also went into a ralph Lauren store this weekend and was really impressed with the designs. I always thought RL to be for old men, but I saw the most gorgeous patchwork white lace dress. It looked like it was patched together with all kinds of different vintage lace. I am going to attempt a DIY using this dress I made as the base layer.

I am wearing
vintage lil boys jean jacket-thrifted
white 70's shirt-thrifted
skirt (altered by making shorter)-thrifted
Grandpa's old belt
AA high waisted leggings
Shoes from Burlington coat factory

I look like a giant in this shot taken by my BF, funny angle. I am as tall as the door, ha!
Todays hairstyle-top knot with braided bangs
Lots of car time today

Contemporary Jewish Museum
Jewish Museum
Sam snuggling with my purse (from Marshall's no brand tag)
Sylvester looking evil mid yawn
Sam cleaning Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I really like your skirt and the shoes you're wearing :).

Damsels said...

nice skirt and what darling little cats !
We Were Damsels