Sunday, November 15, 2009

Modern Art

The Sf MOMA is having a Richard Avadon exhibit right now.  We finally went to go see it today.  Seeing his photos up close and personal was a amazing experience.   Most of his art is simple but striking which allows the personality of the subjects to really shine through.  In addition to the R.A. exhibit we checked out the rest of the museum which was really neat.  There were lots of very simple art which most times I can't get into.  A huge painting of a all grey canvas does not speak to me at all.  I guess I am more into the art that seems like it takes a special talent and creativity to come up with.

I really liked the outfit I choose today, it was sort of a accidental, magical pairing.  I put on my dress, tights, shoes and as I was finishing up the mending of my vintage kimono I tried it on to make sure I had sewn the sleeve back on correctly and it somehow looked perfect with the rest of my outfit.  This is the same kimono I got a couple months ago and am in love with.  I hadn't been wearing it because it was in need of repair.  I am so glad I got a chance to fix it today which lead to it perfectly complementing the outfit I had already chosen to wear.  I love happy accidents.

Outfit details

Tights-Marshals ?
Belt-Vintage (new this week)
Necklace-New DIY (Pretty Pirate Designs)
Eye Glasses-Vintage from Grandma H

The Ceiling of the SF MOMA

The cutest little mini, embroidered hippie shirt

Not quite sure about this piece, it was made from lead, scary

Close up of the necklace I made out of a vintage belt that was my moms

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Missa said...

Happy accident indeed, the kimono looks fabulous with this outfit! Man, it's been way too long since I've been down to MOMA, the Richard Avedon exhibit would be cool to see.