Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stepping back in time, a blast from the past

Here is a little peek into our spare bedroom where I do all my crafts, sewing, haircuts for friends as well as my self taken outfit pictures.  I am obsessed with vintage hats, dresses, shoes and decor.  Most of the things you see are handed down from my lovely grandparents.  By making the photos black and white, I feel like it really takes me and hopefully you back to the days of old. 

My dresser
Small pictures on the wall are both old sheet music from my Grandma H, I have so many more of these and they are all beautiful.
The larger sheet in the middle is a piece of wrapping paper that my Grandmother M had, I believe it's a reproduction from the 1980's
Large leather Suitcase-My grandfather H brought over when he came to the states in 1930's from Hungry
Vintage leather
 doctor bag-Etsy

Misc vintage hats-from Grandma H mostly
Vintage dolls-From Grandma M, who was a collector of dolls, the smallest one is from the 20's (it's a pin cushion doll from germany)  The other two are most likely 40's-50's
Beaded purses-from Grandma H

A closer view :)

Details of todays outfit
Coat-Kings Tailor Hong Kong (thrifted in small town in Oregon) I'm not sure if it is vintage but it's really well made.
Necklace-F21 (first run) these are really popular now and also smaller
Boots-Vintage from ebay, I'm in love with them


Natalie said...

ur boots are so cute! love it :)



hannah + landon said...

ohh i love the dolls and hats!